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I was born in a small town in Texas. I have always had a passion for producing art. My earliest recollection was in fourth grade, where I drew and painted a giraffe. The teacher laminated it and displayed it in the cafeteria. My grandmother would encourage my passion by buying art supplies for me. Today I focus on acrylic on canvass. Although I do not "lock in" to canvass; I also paint on wood and dabble in foil sculpture.

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As a human being, I am driven by other's actions. Not only do my own thoughts compel me but others as well. I'm always inspired because there is so much to come about in each day. Each and every day is filled with endless possibilities, that's what keeps me going as an individual, and most importantly that's what my artist persona relies on, it's crucial for the artist inside me to be proactive and forward thinking about today and what tomorrow may have in store to me. I am somebody who celebrates life everyday, whether that being a feeling of despair or joy, it is a luxury because some don't feel at all.

Sandra Garza

Anthony Rendon